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Servizi Nuvola Di Maselli Antonio, Individual Company

Адреса 9, Via Dell'olmo, Castellana Grotte (BA), 70013, Italy
Тел. +39 (080) 403-1115

Representative Office:
Maselli Antonio, 15, Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, тел. +39 (334) 998-5550,
Servizi Nuvola — это компания, работающая в сфере услуг, способная помочь организациям и компаниям в управлении, следуя логике глобальных консультаций.
Servizi Nuvola помогает вам не только интегрировать специализированные навыки в компании, а именно -поддерживать эти ресурсы, будь то человеческие, технологические или иные

Servizi Nuvola is a company working in the service sector, are able to help organizations and companies in the management, following the logic of the global consultancy.
Serviz Nuvola helps you not only to integrate the specialized skills in the companies, but especially, provides support for the exploitation of these resources, whether human, technological or otherwise.
All this by finding possible financial incentives for customers, also in depth lost, curing the request to the applicant and of course also the various stages of progress (SAL), so that you can weigh as little as possible to the finances of the company.

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