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Souvenir - exposition of souvenir production:

  • souvenir products;
  • textiles, clothing;
  • award winning symbols;
  • packages.

Print - print exposition:

  • operative polygraphy;
  • widescreen printing;
  • printing on various materials.

P.O.S. - exposition of tools for interaction with clients in sales:

  • P.O.S. - materials;
  • P.O.S. - equipment;
  • exhibition stands.

Sign - exposition of visual industry:

  • equipment and materials for production of visual communications;
  • services for production of visual communications;
  • legal support.

Craft - exposition of tasty souvenirs. Craft products from Ukrainian farmers in following categories:

  • cheese;
  • meat products;
  • sweets;
  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Pack - exposition of souvenir and exclusive packaging:

  • packaging design;
  • packaging manufacturing services;
  • materials for packing manufacture;
  • equipment for packaging manufacture.

Photo - advertising photo exposition:

  • photo equipment;
  • professional light for photography;
  • scenery;
  • photo studios / locations for professional photos;
  • equipment for printing and photo processing;
  • photo banks;

HandMade - exposition of handmade souvenirs

T-REX is an exhibition of modern printing. The T-REX exhibition is the country's main venue for presenting all the latest developments and latest developments in the field of printing, advertising production technologies, the exchange of experience and the study of customer needs.